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A "few" words ...

I did a step-for-step cross-entry into IT after my education as "industrial clerk" (@Tucher brewery, Nuremberg), first with pure private interest, but soon
by my boss, growing up through constant self-education, showing
a steep learning curve. 

From a local System Administrator for a few SUN/Solaris, Digital VAX/VMS and Digital UNIX systems (@Lucent Technologies), I grew up to  a full-time Senior
System Administrator, responsible for a complete DC infrastructure (system staging/setup/operation, backup cluster, SAN connectivity/zones etc. - @Origin/AtosOrigin and later again Alcatel-Lucent).

Climbing up continuously the technical "career ladder", I led at the end in 2013 a mixed team of On/Offshore staff, dedicated for Linux support. Two hats on my
head, the one of the worldwide Linux DeliveryLead, the other one of the Linux
GSTL (Global Service and Technology Lead) made me very effective in controlling the KPI's and day-to-day support on the one side and following the release life-cycle/doing new technology evaluations/introductions on the other side.

I took the chance end of 2013 to advance to the account DCS Lead Architect.
While it was required to extremely stretch myself to be able to gather all the new
and needed knowledge across the full DCS area (not only Linux !), I gained many cross-technology skills, especially while working in projects as Solution Architect with other teams, the management, PM's, CTO and customer. 

But  end of 2016, I stepped back and realized, that this position was not really fulfilling me in regards to my "inner wishes" .. and core competencies ..... Linux System Administration ! I was extremely lucky to "find" an appointment at THE company in Nuremberg, with which distribution I begun to learn Linux 1992  ..
SUSE !!!

So, since 1st of March, I'm again deep-diving into technology, day-to-day
System Administration and contribution to the company, my colleagues and
my customer ...... a dream came true !!!!
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